Twin Rivers Tips Series - Week Three

Day Fifteen: Paint can look very different between the swatch, test pot, and between different walls in your house or even the room. Lighting changes colours a lot, emphasising and deflecting certain parts of colours, as can be seen in this picture of Tania and Grant's home. Make sure to test colours, especially whites and beiges, on different walls in the house and room, so you don't get any unexpected surprises.

Day Sixteen: Kitchens don't have to be stock standard, in fact, they can be the centre of style in your home. Every element can be designed to suit your home, the mood you want to create, and how you use your kitchen. On the left is the kitchen in our new home, on the right is Ruth and Evans kitchen. 

Day Seventeen: A designer light piece can become the centre point of any room. Here, Tania and Grant's Agatha light piece in wood veneer by LZF Lighting adds a touch of softness and delicacy to the cool and sleek hallway, full of glass and stone.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.35.45 PM.png

Day Eighteen: A simple curtain track in white is hardly noticeable, keeps the feel minimal and the main feature is the curtain fabric itself. This means the curtains can truly be floor to ceiling and really make a statement in a room.

Day Nineteen: We've absolutely adored the Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 throughout our projects. The Rose Quartz colour is a soothing feminine colour that lifts the master bedroom and ensuite in our new home to be a warm and embracing space.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.36.39 PM.png

Day Twenty: Playing with materials and textures creates visual interest. Complimentary, juxtaposed, or harmonious combinations will add different layers to rooms. In Ruth and Evan's living area, we combined dark stained woods, raw yet smooth stonework, iron detailing, aged leather, soft fabrics, and matte paints, to accompany the views of the fresh gardens. These textures interplay and tell a story in the space.

Day Twenty One: Tiles make big impacts in bathrooms. Bigger tiles mean less grouting in between the tiles, and therefore makes the space look bigger. This was an especially good technique in Ruth and Evan's home, where a potentially poky and awkward bathroom instead became a beautiful space with separated areas. 

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