A consultation may include one or two rooms or the whole house, as well as the exterior.


Subtle, understated colour combinations that complement one another are chosen to form a sophisticated background for your interior. 


With several paint brands in our collection, we can specify different brands and different types (finishes) of paint, to be used together in one colour scheme. They make each other stand out and form a beautiful combination. 


Each colour and pattern combination of wallpaper can have a beautiful and different impact on a room. 


Different flooring options include carpets, rugs, timbers and tiles from both international brands and local suppliers. 

Featured Projects

Our own home

Wall paper in a wide stripe from the Belgain supplier Flamant, complemented by thick carpet made from solution dyed nylon for a soft, warm, luxurious feel. 

Gary and Shelley

The exterior colour scheme took inspiration from Hampton style homes. Gloss enamel on window joinery, and inside, tongue and groove ceilings, and flat paints on the walls. Clean and crisp lines and the gloss paint reflects the light and enhances the darker paint colour of the walls.

Ruth and Evan

Wooden flooring in solid oak is timeless and classic. 


From conversations with you around your personal stories, hobbies and interests, influences, pieces of art, where your home is situated and more, a specific style is determined. This is also inspired by other things such as nature, cities, recent trends, books, collections, objects, places, etc. Here is just a small selection of things which have offered inspiration in the past.


Free consultation

In order to prepare a quotation the first one-hour consultation at your home is free of charge.