Interior architectural features is what make your home look stylish and unique. Whether in a budget situation or in an architecturally designed home. Window seats, skirting, architraves or coving or bigger pieces like fireplaces, beams, paneling and stairs. Having these details in your home will stand it apart from the rest.


Twin Rivers Interiors can design every part of the beams, down to sourcing materials, design, and adding features such as lighting.


Another feature which is incredibly unique, stairs can be a real talking point in a home. The overall concept, materials and colours used, railings, and steps, are all features we can design to meet the look you want.


Fireplaces can be simple log burners or gas burners, or as complex as large wall features.

Joinery, Panelling, Skirting, Architraves, and Coving

Features such as the type, style, height, colour, and materials of these features can make huge differences in how your home feels. 

Featured Projects

IMG_0046 copy.JPG

Ruth and Evan

We custom designed and sourced the feature beams in Ruth and Evans living space. Also custom designed is the fireplace (down to the types of split river stones and the matching of colours), and the stairs in the main hall.


Gary and Shelley

Throughout the home are unique details in the joinery, panelling, and skirting, such as tongue and groove detailing and high skirting. Other Hampton's style architectural features include three round windows, spread throughout the house.


Our own home

In the main open living space we designed a high ceiling with beams, a feature picture window and cosy window seat. 


From conversations with you around your personal stories, hobbies and interests, influences, pieces of art, where your home is situated and more, a specific style is determined. This is also inspired by other things such as nature, cities, recent trends, books, collections, objects, places, etc. Here is just a small selection of things which have offered inspiration in the past.


Free consultation

In order to prepare a quotation the first one-hour consultation at your home is free of charge.