We were most of the way through a rather complex residential building project and were trying achieve a traditional 'Seaside Florida/Hamptons’ weather-board look. We were also trying to carry the traditional external look inside but were getting a bit lost trying to narrow down colours and fittings to achieve our goal. 

The house needed to look like an older home that had been renovated with modern touches. This was proving to be very tricky. We were on the right path but had stalled with chronic indecision. No amount of dredging through piles of Trends and House magazines was helping us. We had half the bits to the jig-saw but did not have the confidence to move ahead. The components that we were looking at covered a fairly wide range of home styles and we were deeply worried that it would look like a complete mess. 

Along came Nanda. One visit to her office to view her extensive and inspiring selection of European and local samples/products was all that was needed to allow us to focus precisely on the look we were going for. What a huge relief. 

We made our initial selections and Nanda graciously allowed us to take her valuable sample packs home to live with for a while. This was great. The natural ambient and artificial light through the day changes so much in a home. It was fantastic to be able to take our time and review choices. 

We made several changes to selections over a period of time and at no stage did Nanda pressure us. Professional and personable. 

Nanda has a small team of professional manufacturers and installers (curtain manufacturers and hangers, wallpaper hangers etc). These people were brilliant to deal with and the level of finish was superb. 

Everything came together beautifully. We highly recommend Nanda and Twin Rivers Interiors.

Gary and Shelley, 2016.


After purchasing a large house with no curtains, blinds etc., and being daunted by the prospect of decorating it, I looked on the web and found Twin Rivers Interiors. From the initial phone conversation with Nanda, I felt she was just the person I was looking for. Nanda was so friendly and professional and really listened to what we wanted to achieve. We are extremely happy with the finished project and it was a pleasure to work with Nanda, who is a perfectionist; committed to regular communication and exacting standards of workmanship. The businesses and tradesmen she engages with are only the best and she exceeded our expectations of her personally, as she always goes the extra mile. We highly recommend Nanda and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Donald and Barbara, 2013.


I have known Nanda for several years and I have always enjoyed catching up with her and hearing about her latest projects and plans. Last time I saw her she had just come across these gorgeous fabrics and we decided to "go for it!" and completely make over our snug, which we'd often talked about. Nanda was absolutely amazing. She has an wonderful eye for colour and doesn't miss a thing. She listens to everything you say and follows up on everything! She is very professional and I really enjoyed working with her. I personally have huge respect for her ideas and her work and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Nanda, our room is unique and therefore, fantastic.

Kate and Graeme, 2012.


All the rooms look amazing. We love all the curtains and the blinds. Everything feels so much more cosy. It was like coming home to a new house. I am really grateful for all your help. You were so easy to work with and understanding of our needs. It makes it hard for you when the client has no idea what to do. e.g. the lounge. You were extremely patient!

Adele and John, 2014.


We asked Nanda to advise and draw up plans for a complete revamp of our ensuite. She also helped us in sourcing tiles and lights, the glass for the shower and a very snazzy drainage channel. She had excellent contractors to do the work, which went ahead on schedule, within budget and with no hassles. We found Nanda paid attention to every detail of the job and produced a booklet on every aspect of the work to be done, to guide us through the process. She made the job very much easier for us, in organising orders, deliveries and supervising. We really liked her enthusiasm and passion for the project and hired her for a second time when we needed a new colour scheme for repainting almost our entire house. We totally relied on her expertise with the colours and have been thrilled with the results.

Linda and Barry, 2011.