With the exterior being the first impression of the home, it isn't something to be overlooked. 

Colour Specification

Colours work differently outside, and its all about light. In New Zealand, the sun is particularly bright, and can be harsh on our homes. With several paint brands in our collection, we can specify different brands and different types (finishes) of paint, to be used together in one colour scheme. 


The combination of materials around the house that compliment and contrast each other can create visual interest.


Exterior lighting, along with its obvious practical elements, can beautifully emphasise certain aesthetic elements of the house at night.

Special Features

From front doors and entrance areas, to louvres around windows, and light fittings, features around the house can be used to reflect your style and/or interior. 


Featured Projects


Phil and Lesa

Vertical lines in the board and batten, painted overhang overhead, and the sleek dark roof line, were three elements carried around the exterior of Phil and Lesa's house. Otago earthy colours of clay and grasses in combination of muddy charcoals complimented the environment of the house, while staying in keeping with their monochrome interior.


Tania and Grant

The teal blue front door complimented the teal blue interior elements we colour picked from one of Tania's favourite artworks. Shiny glass, straight lines, and black trims reflected the sleek modern interior style. The tall tilted facade of warm brown terracotta colours is a beautiful exterior feature that wows as you approach Tania and Grant's home.

Our own home

Exterior features include the combination of materials and lines both on walls and the roof, vertical lines of the timber front door, macrocarpa deck, crisp paint colours from About Colour for window joinery, James Hardies weather boards, adjustable light fittings, sensor lights, light coloured louvre panels with roof tiles in dark charcoal, big picture bay window, and French doors.



From conversations with you around your personal stories, hobbies and interests, influences, pieces of art, where your home is situated and more, a specific style is determined. This is also inspired by other things such as nature, cities, recent trends, books, collections, objects, places, etc. Here is just a small selection of things which have offered inspiration in the past.


Free consultation

In order to prepare a quotation the first one-hour consultation at your home is free of charge.