Our European design background influences our passion for more lighting options in New Zealand. Using local designers and suppliers, and connecting with international designers regularly on overseas trips, we can make your home just that much more unique. 

Electrical Design

We absolutely love natural light, and the effect lighting can have in your home. We're qualified to design lighting and electrical plans for your home.

Designer Lighting

We travel to major international design expos to source the latest designer lighting. These pieces are absolutely stunning and become talking points of the rooms.

Built-in Lights

Lighting plans include the type of lighting and where its needed. Our European background influences this a lot, and we make the most of built in lighting to design the best experience in every room of the house.

Featured Projects

Ruth and Evan

Ruth and Evan wanted a chandelier that would be the talking point of the entrance into their house. We designed a trip up to Auckland with Ruth, and visited a handful of suppliers together to find the perfect solution for this important feature.

Our own home

Smart lighting was used in our new home in several places. One way is a strip of light under the vanity, activated by a sensor. When you step into the bathroom, these automatically switch on. 


Gary and Shelley

Task lights illuminate this cosy window seat area, with adjustable dimming for day/night and reading.


From conversations with you around your personal stories, hobbies and interests, influences, pieces of art, where your home is situated and more, a specific style is determined. This is also inspired by other things such as nature, cities, recent trends, books, collections, objects, places, etc. Here is just a small selection of things which have offered inspiration in the past.


Free consultation

In order to prepare a quotation the first one-hour consultation at your home is free of charge.