Twin Rivers Tips Series - Week Two

Day Eight: In interior design, it's all about making elements relate to each other to make a scheme complete. First determine a starting point, such as a favourite colour, a piece of art, or a texture. By adding colour and texture we create layers and depth, and this can come from smaller items such as cushions, lamp shades, vases, candles, and other homewares. You'll find that once these items are included the design suddenly makes sense and everything belongs.

Day Nine: Happy Friday, and welcome home. We find Friday evenings are perfect for enjoying your home and rewarding yourself after the week. Make your house a home you'll never want to leave - keep changing things around until you find what makes you comfortable and brings you joy.

Day Ten: On the left: architraves, which are moulded frames around a doorway. On the right; coving, which is a moulded arch, usually put between a ceiling and wall, but here we utilised the technique as detail on the range hood in our contemporary country kitchen.


Day Eleven: On the left, skirting, which are moulded boards between a wall and the ground. On the right, panelling, which is a decorative alternative to plain sections of wall or ceiling, and go from simple (pictured), to extremely characteristic and ornate. 

Day Twelve: The February 16th issue of @metropolmag has three great tips on our interior design process; lending an ear, identifying a starting point, and embracing and experimenting with depth.

Day Thirteen: Wallpaper is a real feature in any room. It can add visual interest, depth, and change the mood of a room. The use of wallpaper on one wall is something we love; it's enough to not overpower and overwhelm any other parts of the room; less is more impact.

Day Fourteen: Harmony is an essential element in an interior, whether it is to be minimal or eccentric. Harmony is achieved when matching aspects - similar or complimentary - together. It could be colour, texture, style, material, or even the mood objects create.

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Valerie Poort

I’m an all-round visual communicator who finds people fascinating. I believe user-centric design is invaluable, and love the insights. I aim to move into service/experience design. I aspire to be in environments that change peoples lives positively – through transformative experiences, inspirational beautiful things, projects for public good, or creativity that entertains and engages attention. I’m slightly obsessed with anything travel related, and love sharing Wellington on a good day with great people.