Twin Rivers Tips Series - Week Four

Day Twenty Two: Classic European design is where we get lots of our inspiration. Nanda's European background not only provides Twin Rivers with many connections, but also a philosophy on timeless design. In Lindy and Barry's bathroom, we used Victoria and Albert inspired claw feet for a classical detail in a contemporary house.

Day Twenty Three: Twin Rivers is the official supplier for Santa Fe Shutters and Blinds in North Canterbury. These are beautiful in living spaces such as bedrooms and kitchens, and fantastic and suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. We love sourcing products like these to beat the ordinary and prescribed ways to designing rooms.


Day Twenty Four: The combination of materials creates visual interest. The interplay and juxtaposition of patterns can make a room playful or vibrant, and different textures create depth and honesty. In our own home, we upholstered a bed head, and hand made a few cushions, to create a stunning focal point in this bedroom.

Day Twenty Five: Custom designed vanities are simple and elegant. All that's needed is a beautiful bowl, classical tap, and a bench and/or vanity unit. We design vanity units ourselves and get a local joiner to build them, for a beautiful and beautifully functional end result. In our own home (bottom picture) we found a hand made crystal glass bowl while we were in Florence and fell in love with it, and absolutely had to take it home. In Ruth and Evan's home (top picture) we found oval porcelain bowls which completed the elegant, contemporary, and unique look in their ensuite.

Day Twenty Six: We love smart storage to maximise functionality and minimise clutter. In our own home, we specified hidden utensil drawers, rolling pantry drawers for cutlery, and a specialist drawer for cooking equipment such as oils and spices right next to the stove, all quality hardware from Europe.

Day Twenty Seven: We have sourced Swarovski Crystal chandeliers from all over the world. They add a breathless, precious elegance to a space and can easily be the centre piece of your home. Whether a large chandelier in this entry space into Ruth and Evan's home, or a smaller lantern chandelier in their WC, you'll never be able to stop staring at its beauty.

Day Twenty Eight: Enjoy your home and have it be a home you never want to leave.

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