Artisanal, bespoke design

When I notice paintings in my clients homes and design interiors based around them, my clients love the results. This painting was one of the first things I noticed when I first entered a home recently. The combination of dark warm carbon, charcoals greys naturals Ivory and ochre tones are extremely North Canterbury. The clients were quite attached to the painting, so I decided immediately that it would be an inspiration to the design. Pure Linens were also a favourite therefore I used several linens in a combination of colours textures weaves and weights for curtains upholstery and cushions. The natural coloured light weight linen for the curtains has a soft crease which will give the curtains a casual look. The sofa will have a dark charcoal tone forming the perfect background for the lighter and ochre linen cushions and the patterned fabric just adds an extra dimension. 

Valerie Poort

I’m an all-round visual communicator who finds people fascinating. I believe user-centric design is invaluable, and love the insights. I aim to move into service/experience design. I aspire to be in environments that change peoples lives positively – through transformative experiences, inspirational beautiful things, projects for public good, or creativity that entertains and engages attention. I’m slightly obsessed with anything travel related, and love sharing Wellington on a good day with great people.