Twin Rivers Tips Series - Week One

Day One: Coordination is key in achieving a harmonious interior for your home. This can be achieved through consistent use of colours, materials, style, decorations, and more. In Ruth and Evans home, the colour palette and similar and complementary material choices create a beautiful home, and shows that consistency between rooms is most definitely not boring. See more of Ruth and Evans beautiful home here.

Day Two: Lighting isn't a one trick pony, just to be used in the roof. In a home, the use of lighting is strategic to suit the functionality of a space, such as watching TV, reading, cooking, walking, sleeping, or even highlighting an important piece of art on the wall. In our own home, we combined functional lighting with a few designer pieces we just couldn't leave behind, to create different spaces for different activities. See more of the lighting used in our home on our portfolio.

Day Three: If you have a favourite armchair or couch, but don't like how it looks anymore, re-upholster it. This is often the same cost as buying a new piece of furniture, so why not keep your favourite, and make it a stand out piece in your interior. Twin Rivers works with a couple of local upholsterers who have done great work for us in the past, and have years of experience, as can be seen in the detail of this armchair for Ruth and Evan.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 3.10.08 pm.png

Day Four: Dried flowers are delicate, feminine, and colourful. Tie a string around the stems, and hang upside down. Something for a Sunday afternoon.

Day Five: What determines the paint finish is primarily the function of the space, but also how you want it to look. Gloss will reflect the light if used on joinery, window sills and interiors doors. Satin protects and enhances outside timber work. Matte on indoor walls which will form the perfect background for any interior design scheme.


Day Six: Wallpaper can totally change the look of a space and adds an incredible atmosphere. It can be the main feature and starting point of any interior design scheme. There is an enormous variety of papers available from classic or contemporary stripes, romantic scenes with Toile de Jouy or flowers, fresh crisp Scandinavian patterns, murals or industrial like patterns. We have chosen for soft pastel coloured classic timeless stripes in our own house and used them vertical as well as horizontal. See more photos of our own home here.

Day Seven: New Zealand's clear and bright light is unlike anywhere else in the world. This means exterior paint colours appear totally different at different types of day. They also have excessive UV beaming down at them, so paints need to be strong to cope. Silky sheen pains in contrasting colours look smart, forming a beautiful contrast and light reflection. To see more pictures of the exterior of Gary and Shelley's home, click here.

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Valerie Poort

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